Our Story

Lumière D'amour is a social enterprise that advocates for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and mental health. We do this by encouraging acceptance and change in the way we perceive intellectual and learning disabilities and mental illness.

We want to eliminate the stigma of intellectual disability and disorders, mental health issues, and inspire others to embark on an earth-friendly lifestyle so that we can have a healthy ecosystem and a balanced circle of life.


We are committed to directing proceeds from our products and services to non-profit and/or non-governmental organisations that raise awareness for developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as mental health issues.

All profits from our Autism Awareness and Mental Health Awareness merchandise on our store are directed to the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) and the Samaritans of Singapore respectively.


Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities affect between 1-3% of the population Worldwide. People with such disabilities have significant social, communication and behavioural challenges, and caring for them can be as much of a challenge for their families as well.


Anxiety and Depression are common, and very real issues that people are affected by, and often overlooked because of defense mechanisms and our abilities to masks our actual feelings, giving the perception that we are OK.